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FTP Support:
Setup: for Netscape Navigator/Communicator
Setup: for Microsoft Internet Explorer
Setup: for Opera or America Online
Setup: for NCSA Mosiac for Windows
Setup: for WS_FTP (Winsock)
Setup: for FTP Explorer
Setup: for Unix Shell or Windows NT/95 FTP Utility

Dial-Up Setup:
Setup: Win 95/98/ME
Setup: Win 2000/XP
Setup: Macintosh/iMac

Email Setup:
Setup: Eudora 3.x
Setup: Eudora 4.x
Setup: Outlook / Outlook Express
Setup: Netscape 4.0 to 4.5
Setup: Netcape 4.5 & up
Setup: Netscape 6.x

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Setup Instructions for Dial Up Networking to LAZERLINK with Windows 95 & 98

Step 1.

(if not already installed)

NOTE: To check if a modem is installed, double-click on the Modem icon in the Control Panel. If the you see a Modem Properties dialog box, instead of the Modem Installation Wizard, then there is at least one modem already installed and recognized by the system. If this is the case, and you intend to use this modem, you can proceed to the next step.

Be sure the modem is connected to the computer and turned on (especially if the modem is external)

  • [START] (button)
    • Settings
      • Control Panel
      • Double-click Modems Icon
      • If no modem is installed, the Modem Install Wizard will offer to detect your modem. If the modem is installed you will see it listed in the box, press [CANCEL] to exit.
      • If you continue, the Setup Wizard will attempt to detect the modem, if it is unsuccessful then you must ….
      • Select the manufacturer and model from the list. If not listed, select the Standard Modem Types & Baud Rate.
      • [NEXT]
      • Select proper COM port
      • [NEXT]
      • If first time, fill in Location Information
      • [NEXT]
      • [OK] –or- [FINISH]
    • [CLOSE]

Step 2.

(if not already installed)

NOTE: To see if dial-up networking is installed double-click on the My Computer icon located in the upper left corner of the desktop. If you see a Dial-Up Networking folder then you can proceed to the next step.

  • [START]
    • Settings
      • Control Panel
        • Double-click Add/Remove Programs
        • click Windows Setup Tab
        • Select Communications
        • click [DETAILS]
        • Dial-Up Networking
      • [OK]
    • [OK]
NOTE: If you are asked to provide computer and workgroup values for your computer, press [OK] to continue. You can enter up to 15 characters for the computer name, typically this is your own name, initials, or Lazerlink username. For the workgroup name, enter something different than the computer name. Restart your computer if prompted.

Step 3.

Setup & Configure a new Dial-Up Networking Icon

  • Double-click My Computer (upper left corner)
    • Double-click Dial-Up Networking folder
      • Double-click Make New Connection
      • Name the connection Lazerlink
      • [NEXT]
      • Enter the telephone number (for other areas call us at 814-867-2100)
        • State College      238-6001
          Atloona Area      569-3999
      • [NEXT]
    • [FINISH]
  • {right-click} once on the Lazerlink Icon you just created
  • {left-click} once on the word Properties
    • Windows 95 – press [Server Types]
    • Windows 98 – {select} Server Types Tab
      • {uncheck} Log onto network, NetBEUI, and IPX/SPX
      • {check} Enable software compression & TCP/IP
      • [OK]
    • [OK]

To create a shortcut of this icon for your desktop, right click on the Lazerlink icon and select create shortcut. Then left click (and hold) on the new icon and drag it onto your desktop and release the button.

Step 4.

(if not already installed)

Part A: Install TCP/IP Protocol
Part B: Configure TCP/IP Protocol

NOTE: If you do not know if TCP/IP has been installed, then proceed with the following steps. When you Double-click on the network icon, if you see TCP/IP in the network components window, you should verify the suggested TCP/IP settings by skipping Part A but continue with Part B. DO NOT INSTALL TCP/IP TWICE!!! (If you installed TCP/IP more than once then select one of them and click [REMOVE]). You will need your Windows 95 or 98 CD-ROM.

Part A: Install TCP/IP Protocol
  • [START]
    • Settings
      • Control Panel
        • Double-click Network Icon
        • Scroll through list of installed components looking for TCP/IP. If it is not there go to the next step otherwise skip to Part B below.
        • [ADD]
        • {select} Protocol from the list box.
        • [ADD]
        • Manufacturer will be Microsoft
        • Network Protocol will be TCP/IP (bottom of list)
      • [OK]

Part B: Configure TCP/IP Protocol

  • {select} TCP/IP from the list of installed components
    • {select} [PROPERTIES]
    • click the DNS Configuration Tab
    • {select} Disable DNS – Our system does this for you automatically
    • click the WINS Configuration Tab
    • {select} Disable WINS Resolution
    • [OK]
  • [OK] – Restart the computer as directed


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