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Lazerlink Technical Support Policy

Acceptable use of LAZERLINK's Technical Support is defined as follows:

LAZERLINK will provide free telephone technical support on setup of user's account to dial in to LAZERLINK's Internet service. LAZERLINK will also provide additional free telephone technical support for any issues concerning LAZERLINK's services deemed to be LAZERLINK's internal network or server problem. LAZERLINK will not provide technical support for software configuration problems after setup including, but not limited to, web browsers, ftp clients, irc clients, telnet programs, newsreaders, E-mail software, online games, internet telephony programs, internet video programs, web browser plugins, wais clients, archie clients, gopher clients, http daemons, ftp daemons, UNIX shell usage, Limited UNIX shell usage, personal home page creation, operating system software or any other technical support issues not concerning problems with actual LAZERLINK equipment or service.

Technical support for the previous non-covered software may be provided to the user upon agreement to LAZERLINK's technical support agreement which dictates additional service fees for such support, to be billed to user's account and payable net 30. LAZERLINK reserves the right to refuse technical support for any reason except when actual problems exist in LAZERLINK's equipment or service or when upgrades to LAZERLINK's equipment or service dictate so.


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