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Lazerlink Personal WebSpace Usage Policy

LAZERLINK is not responsible for the content of any personal home pages. The account holder is solely responsible and by posting a personal home page specifically agrees to indemnify and hold LAZERLINK harmless, including reasonable attorney's fees, for any liability arising out of or connected in any manner to the personal home page. Customers are responsible and are solely legally accountable for all liability including but not limited to defamatory comments, copyright and trademark violations.

LAZERLINK does not preview any Personal Home page prior to posting. LAZERLINK does not verify, endorse, review or otherwise involve itself in the page before its posted. LAZERLINK reserves the right to remove any page from the system without warning.

Content Rules:
The following are prohibited:

  • Pages which promote commercial purposes, for example:
    1. Advertising products or services whether for profit or not.
    2. Display of Advertisements, including banner exchange services
    3. Conducting raffles, lotteries, or contests
  • Pages that are offensive including but not limited to bigotry, racism, hatred and profanity.
  • Pages that promote physical harm or injury to any group or individual.
  • Pages that contain nudity, pornography or obscenities of any kind.
  • Password only and restricted access pages.
  • Pages with hidden images or pages.
  • Use of the page as storage for remote loading.
  • Use of the page that would otherwise violate the LAZERLINK Bulletin Agreement or Residential Service Agreement.


  • Customer must have a PPP/SLIP (Full Access) Account.
  • FTP to shell.lazerlinknet
    a. use you username and password
  • Create a directory below your home directory called public_html.
  • Change to the public_html under your /home/username directory.
  • Copy home page html file and any associated files to the public_html directory.
  • Rename home page html file to index.html.
  • Your home page may be accessed by entering the following URL:


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