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Lazerlink Billing Policy

We strongly suggest that you become familiar with LAZERLINK's billing rules in order to prevent billing disputes. The sooner a billing problem is brought to our attention, the easier it will be to resolve to everyone's satisfaction. We are unaware of a problem unless it is brought to our attention by either calling LAZERLINK at 814-867-2100 or E-mailing to [email protected]

  • Age Limitation:
    A customer must be a minimum of 18 years of age in order to subscribe to LAZERLINK service.
  • Billing Begins:
    Billing for services begins immediately upon confirmation of customer's application whether it be by mail, voice or fax. Service is always billed in advance.
  • Telephone Charges:
    LAZERLINK will not be held responsible for any telephone charges including long distance, per-minute surcharges or equipment costs incurred by the user. These charges are exclusively between the user and the telephone provider. The user should always check first with their local telephone company prior to using any dial-up telephone number.
  • Rate Change:
    LAZERLINK reserves the right to change monthly recurring fees, connection fees, equipment fees or to add new fees at any time with 30 days prior notice. If service has been prepaid, the new charges will not become effective until the expiration of the pre-payment.
  • Term:
    After the term of your signup ends, it will automatically renew for the same term until Lazerlink receives cancellation in writing.
  • Billing Disagreement:
    Any disagreement or dispute concerning a bill must be made within 30 days of the billing date. Charges disputed after this period of time will not be considered negotiable.
  • Credit Card Dispute:
    A $25.00 Credit Card Dispute (the credit card company chargeback) charge will be applied to a customer's account when that customer disputes a charge with their card company prior to bringing the complaint to LAZERLINK's attention. Please always notify us first of any billing questions.
  • Credit Card Use:
    A user must not attempt to place an order or make a payment to LAZERLINK with an expired, false, or unauthorized credit card or credit union information. The fraudulent user's service will be terminated and the user will be prosecuted.
  • Credit Card Payments:
    When a user wishes to change from credit card payments to any of the pre-payment plans, it is his/her responsibility to notify our Billing Department. LAZERLINK will not authorize chargebacks to credit card companies if we have not received prior notification of this change in billing procedures.
  • Credit Termination:
    LAZERLINK reserves the right to terminate access to LAZERLINK accounts immediately without notice, upon the rejection of any credit card charges, non-payment by the bank or credit union of authorized charges or any other indications of credit problems such as bankruptcy filings.
  • Immediate Notification Required:
    A user must promptly notify LAZERLINK of any of the following changes to:
    • Expiration date of a credit card used to make payments for our services.
    • Changes in the credit union account used to pay for our services.
    • The user's home or billing address.
    • Any suspected breaches of security such as: theft, loss or unauthorized use of a credit card, bank or credit union account or ID or password.
  • Service Termination:
    LAZERLINK reserves the right to terminate access to any LAZERLINK account immediately, without notice upon rejection of any credit card charges, non-payment by the bank or credit union of authorized charges or any other indication of credit problems such as bankruptcy filings.
  • Termination of Service:
    A customer cannot assume that his/her account automatically terminates when the payment remittances cease. LAZERLINK requires written notification of termination when cancelling our service. Service and billing will be terminated 30 days after we have received WRITTEN notification of cancellation and after the current subscription package ends.
  • Introductory Offer:
    LAZERLINK reserves the right to offer introductory rates and specials limited to new customers only. If you have become a LAZERLINK customer within the previous 7 days, you are eligible for the introductory special.
  • Bankruptcy:
    Upon notice that a customer has filed bankruptcy, at its option, LAZERLINK may terminate service or require that customer pay two months advance on future service and a $35 administrative fee.
  • Returned Check:
    LAZERLINK will charge $20 for any returned check.


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