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Customer Support

FTP Support:
Setup: for Netscape Navigator/Communicator
Setup: for Microsoft Internet Explorer
Setup: for Opera or America Online
Setup: for NCSA Mosiac for Windows
Setup: for WS_FTP (Winsock)
Setup: for FTP Explorer
Setup: for Unix Shell or Windows NT/95 FTP Utility

Dial-Up Setup:
Setup: Win 95/98/ME
Setup: Win 2000/XP
Setup: Macintosh/iMac

Email Setup:
Setup: Eudora 3.x
Setup: Eudora 4.x
Setup: Outlook / Outlook Express
Setup: Netscape 4.0 to 4.5
Setup: Netcape 4.5 & up
Setup: Netscape 6.x

Additional Information:
Disconnect Problems
Using Personal WebSpace
Apply for additional Email Accounts

Setting up Netscape 6

First, we will need to open our netscape 6 Email utility. We have two choices of how to do this; we can either open the Email utility from within netscape 6 or we can open it from from the Start Menu.

To open Netscape 6 Mail Utility from the Start Menu:

Using your mouse click the Start Menu icon, move your mouse to programs menu and navigate the menu until you find the Netscape 6 folder, then select the Mail icon from the menu.

Select Mail From Start Menu

To open Netscape 6 Mail utility from within Netscape 6:

Netscape 6 Icon You should already have you Netscape 6 browser open, if not double click the Netscape 6 icon on your desktop, or use the method above to navigate the Start menu and select the Netscape 6 icon.

Once your Netscape 6 browser is open, then select the task pull down menu and choose the "Mail" item.

Netscape 6 Task Menu

Configuring the Netscape 6 mail utility:

At this point we should have our Netscape 6 Email Utility open and ready to be configured.

Netscape 6 Mail

Select the "Edit" pull down menu and navigate to the "Mail/News Account Settings" option.

Mail Menu

This will bring up the Account Settings Dialog box.

Account Settings

If you have any previous email account(s) setup for you Getwireless/Lazerlink internet accounts you will need to remove them once the change over is final. This will not delete any previous mails, only the account information. We will discuss this future at the end of this document. For now, we are going to create a new account" for the new email server. To do this click on the "New Account" button from the Account Settings Dialog box. Select the ISP option and click Next.

New Account Setup

This will bring up the Identity Dialog box. Here we want to enter your full name and email address. Don't worry if this information conflicts with other accounts already entered. Please note that the values shown here are examples only. You will need to enter the values that reflect your actual account information.
When finished click Next.


We use the POP3 mail exchange protocol, so select the POP option and enter your email server name. If you have chosen to use the domain, then your email server name would be If you have chosen to use either the or domains then enter or respectively for the server name. When finished click Next.

Server Information

Here is were things have to entered in just right or else things will not work. The "User Name" value should be entered in like this;

(Your user name)(the percent sign)(Your email domain)

So if your user name is jsmith and you are going to be receiving email at the domain then your user name here would be;
When finished click Next.
User Name

Finally enter an Account Name to refer to for this account information and click Next.

Account Name

If everything work correctly, then you should see the Congratulations Dialog. Please make special note that the "User Name" field here has the format discussed above ( If you see only the user name (ex. jsmith) or if you see an "@" symbol in the name, then you have entered in something incorrectly. Please remove this account and try again. Otherwise click Finish, you are done. Please see additional notes below.

Additional Notes:
OK! you should be ready for the change over. Once you have received the final email notifying you of the change over, then you should no longer need the email account entries for the previous email server. You can safely remove those accounts without worrying about loosing stored mails.

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