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The Internet is only as fast as the slowest link in the chain from the website that you are attempting to view to your home or business computer. For this reason it is important that your hosting company does not cause this 'bottleneck'. Here at Lazerlink Internet Services, our servers are connected to the Internet backbone with an OC3 providing 155Mb/s of connectivity. A OC3 is equivalent to over 100 T1s.

In addition to our OC3 connection, we have a redundant DS3 line as well. Having these redundant connections benefits our clients in two ways. First, this allows our maximum output to be almost 200 Mbps. Secondly, they run in different directions from our location in State College. One connecting to the major Internet exchange in Pittsburgh, and the other runs to the major exchange in Philadelphia. These redundant routes protect your website from a 3rd party failure between our servers and the Internet. If our connection to Pittsburgh is interrupted, your users will see very little difference in response time provided there is not a simultaneous problem with our Philadelphia connection.

We use third party monitoring from multiple locations to ensure that our customers websites are reachable from all locations on the Internet. We track our uptime which is typically at or above 99.9% availability.


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