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Information on your website is very valuable for your business. You cannot afford to lose any information. For this reason, we insure that none of your data will be lost. First, our primary server is ‘mirrored’ which means that the entire contents of the first server are replicated onto a secondary server, which is ready to provide your information to Internet users upon any problem with the primary server. Second, our server hard drives run on a RAID level 5. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. This is a category of disk drives that employ two or more drives in combination for fault tolerance and performance.

In simple English this means that your sites information is simultaneously replicated onto a second machine and into this array of disk drives at all times. So that if we have a hard drive failure, no information is lost and there is zero downtime in switching to the new location of your data. As a matter of fact, this system can actually withstand 2 simultaneous hard drive failures.

In addition to the live backup of our servers' hard drives, the websites' information is backed up to an offsite server monthly. This protects the majority of your sites information if there were to be any type of catastrophe at the server farm location. This event is extremely unlikely, however this shows our commitment to your information.


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